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Generate CloudVision Tags - Preview


The generation of CloudVision Tags in the eos_designs role is in preview mode.

Everything is subject to change, is not supported and may not be complete.

If you have any questions, please leverage the GitHub discussions board

arista.avd.eos_designs can generate CloudVision Tags that can be applied to interfaces and/or devices. These tags can be used on CloudVision for during Topology view generation, or used in searches/filters to select devices based on tags values.

Available Input Variables

CloudVision Topology Tags

arista.avd.eos_designs can generate CloudVision Tags that assist CloudVision with rendering the Topology correctly. It will attempt to generate what are called ‘hints’ for the following fields. These are picked up from the fabric variables if they are defined.

To enable generation of Topology Tags:

  topology_hints: true
Hint Tag Name Description Source of information
topology_hint_type Indicates whether the node is a leaf, spine, core device etc. cv_tags_topology_type if set, else node_type_keys.[].cv_tags_topology_type.
topology_hint_fabric The overall fabric that the devices pertains to. Useful for multi-fabric deployments. fabric_name
topology_hint_datacenter The datacenter to which the devices belongs. Helpful for multi-dc deployments. dc_name
topology_hint_pod The pod to which the devices belongs. pod_name
topology_hint_rack The physical rack in which the device is located. rack defined on node or node_group

CloudVision Custom Tags

Custom Tags can have either a static or a dynamic value. Dynamic values come from the structured_config generated by eos_designs.

Any value that is not:

  • a list
  • a dictionary
  • a value in a list

can be defined as the value for a tag. This allows for tags to be generated with values that are calculated for that device. Refer to the example below.

For interfaces, only the structured_config for the interface itself is considered.


Generate the structured_config first to get a better idea of what keys are available.


  • Tag names cannot have the name of any existing system tags on CloudVision. System tags cannot be emanded with this approach.
  • If the key specified in data_path is not found, the tag is not generated. This avoids having a lot of empty tags.
  • Custom structured configuration will not be considered during generation of tags. Only configuration generated by eos_designs itself.

To generate custom Tags with a static value:

    - name: mytag
      value: myvalue
    - name: myinterfacetag
      value: myinterfacevalue

To generate custom Tags with a dynamic value:

    - name: mydynamictag
    - name: myinterfacetag
      data_path: peer_type