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Always use the FQCN (Fully Qualified Collection Name) arista.avd.defined when using this plugin.

Test if the value is not Undefined or None.


The arista.avd.defined test returns False if the passed value is Undefined or None. Else it will return True.

The arista.avd.defined test also accepts an optional test_value argument to test if the value equals this.

The optional var_type argument can also be used to test if the variable is of the expected type.

Optionally, the test can emit warnings or errors if the test fails.

Compared to the built-in is defined test, this test will also test for None and can even test for a specific value or class.


Argument Type Required Default Value Restrictions Description
_input any True None Value to test
test_value any optional None Value to match for in addition to defined and not none
var_type string optional None Valid values:
- float
- int
- str
- list
- dict
- tuple
- bool
Type or Class to test for
fail_action string optional None Valid values:
- warning
- error
Optional action if a test fails to emit a Warning or Error
var_name string optional None Optional string to use as a variable name in warning or error messages


# Test if "my_var" is defined and not none:
is_defined_and_not_none: "{{ my_var is arista.avd.defined }}"

# Test if "my_var" is defined, not none and has value "something"
is_defined_and_set_to_something: "{{ my_var is arista.avd.defined('something') }}"

# Test if "my_var" is defined and if not print a warning message with the variable name
test_result: "{{ my_dict.my_list[12].my_var is arista.avd.defined(fail_action='warning', var_name='my_dict.my_list[12].my_var' }}"
# Output >>> [WARNING]: my_dict.my_list[12].my_var was expected but not set. Output may be incorrect or incomplete!

Return Values

Name Type Description
_value boolean Returns False if the passed value is Undefined or None or if any of the optional checks fail. Otherwise True.


  • Arista Ansible Team (@aristanetworks)