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Ansible Collection for Arista Validated Designs

Arista AVD Overview

Arista Networks supports Ansible for managing devices running Arista’s Extensible Operating System (EOS) natively through it’s EOS API (eAPI) or CloudVision Portal (CVP). This collection includes a set of Ansible roles and modules to help kick-start your automation with Arista. The various roles and templates provided are designed to be customized and extended to your needs.

Full documentation for the collection:


  • Flexibility with Open Data Models: Extensible fabric-wide network models, simplifying configuration, delivering consistency, and reducing errors
  • Simplification through Multi-Domain Automation: A framework that can automate the data center, campus or wide area network, enabled by a consistent EOS software image and management platform
  • Comprehensive Workflows: Automating the full life cycle of network provisioning from config generation to pre and post-deployment validation, and self-documentation of the network

Reference designs

Roles overview

This repository provides content for Arista’s arista.avd collection. The following roles are included.

Arista AVD Overview Arista AVD Overview

Custom plugins & modules

This repository provides custom plugins for Arista’s AVD collection:

Collection installation

Ansible galaxy hosts all stable versions of this collection. Installation from ansible-galaxy is the most convenient approach for consuming arista.avd content. Please follow the collection installation guide.


Additional resources

Ask a question

Support for this arista.avd collection is provided by the community directly in this repository. If you have any questions, please leverage the GitHub discussions board.


Contributing pull requests are gladly welcomed for this repository. If you are planning a big change, please start a discussion first to make sure we’ll be able to merge it. Please see contribution guide for additional details.

You can also open an issue to report any problems or submit enhancements.


The project is published under Apache 2.0 License

Last update: July 13, 2023