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Role to cleanup and create local folder structure to save roles’ outputs



Role Variables

Role support following variables:

# Root directory where to build output structure
# All folder below will be created in this directory folder.
root_dir: '{{ inventory_dir }}'

# Main output directory
output_dir_name: 'intended'
# Output for structured YAML files:
structured_dir_name: 'structured_configs'
# EOS configuration directory name
eos_config_dir_name: 'configs'
# Main documentation folder
documentation_dir_name: 'documentation'
# Fabric documentation
fabric_dir_name: 'fabric'
# Device documentation
devices_dir_name: 'devices'
# EOS state validation directory name
eos_validate_state_name: 'reports'
# EOS config deploy eapi running config backup directory
post_running_config_backup_dir_name: 'config_backup'
pre_running_config_backup_dir_name: 'config_backup'

Role will create following structure:

├── config_backup
├── documentation
   ├── fabric
   └── devices
├── intended
   ├── configs
   └── structured_configs
├── reports

If folders already exists, role will delete them and recreate structure.



Example Playbook

Below is an example to use in your playbook to build output folders using default values.

- name: Build Switch configuration
  hosts: DC1_FABRIC
  connection: local
  gather_facts: no
    - name: 'Build local folders for output'
      tags: [build]
        name: arista.avd.build_output_folders


Project is published under Apache 2.0 License

Last update: August 17, 2023