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Always use the FQCN (Fully Qualified Collection Name) arista.avd.natural_sort when using this plugin.

Sort an input list with natural sorting.


Provides the capability to sort a list or a dictionary of integers and strings that contain alphanumeric characters naturally. When leveraged on a dictionary, only the key value will be returned. An optional sort_key can be specified, to sort on content of certain key if the items are dictionaries.

The filter will return an empty list if the value parsed to arista.avd.natural_sort is None or undefined.


Argument Type Required Default Value Restrictions Description
_input any True None List or dictionary
sort_key string optional None Key to sort on when sorting a list of dictionaries


sorted_list: "{{ ['test19', 'test9'] | natural_sort }}" # -> ["test9", "test19"]
sorted_keys: "{{ {'test19': 'value', 'test9': 'value'} | natural_sort }}" # -> ["test9", "test19"]
sorted_on_name_key: "{{ [{'name': 'test19'}, {'name': 'test9'}] | natural_sort('name') }}" # -> [{"name": "test9"}, {"name": "test19"}]
empty_list_1: "{{ none | natural_sort }}" # -> []
empty_list_2: "{{ some_undefined_var | natural_sort }}" # -> []

Return Values

Name Type Description
_value list Sorted list if the input was a list. Sorted keys if the input was a dictionary. Empty list if the input value was None or undefined.


  • Arista Ansible Team (@aristanetworks)