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eos_config_deploy_eapi is a role that deploys the configuration to Arista EOS devices.

The eos_config_deploy_eapi role:

  • Designed to replace device running configuration with intended configuration.
  • Backup configuration after a successful change.

Role Inputs and Outputs

Figure 1 below provides a visualization of the role’s inputs, outputs, and tasks in order executed by the role.

Figure 1: Ansible Role eos_config_deploy_eapi Figure 1: Ansible Role eos_config_deploy_eapi


  • Device configuration file in EOS CLI syntax.


  • Device running configuration before configuration is replaced (snapshot).
  • Device running configuration after configuration is replaced (backup).


  1. Take a backup of the running configuration before configuration is replaced (pre) - (optional, default false).
    1. Destination: {{ pre_running_config_backup_dir }}/{{ pre_running_config_backup_filename }}
  2. Replace configuration on device with intended EOS configuration. If changed, saves to startup-config, and notifies handler to backup configuration.
  3. Backup Configuration after the configuration is replaced (post) with handler.
    1. Destination: {{ post_running_config_backup_dir }}/{{ post_running_config_backup_filename }}.

Default Variables

# Perform config backup before config replace
eos_config_deploy_eapi_pre_running_config_backup: false

# Root directory where to build output structure
root_dir: '{{ inventory_dir }}'

# AVD configurations output
# Main output directory
output_dir_name: 'intended'
output_dir: '{{ root_dir }}/{{ output_dir_name }}'

# Output for structured YAML files:
structured_dir_name: 'structured_configs'
structured_dir: '{{ output_dir }}/{{ structured_dir_name }}'

# EOS Configuration Directory name
eos_config_dir_name: 'configs'
eos_config_dir: '{{ output_dir }}/{{ eos_config_dir_name }}'

# Backup directories path and filenames
post_running_config_backup_filename: "{{ inventory_hostname }}_post_running-config.conf"
post_running_config_backup_dir_name: 'config_backup'
post_running_config_backup_dir: '{{ root_dir }}/{{ post_running_config_backup_dir_name }}'

pre_running_config_backup_filename: "{{ inventory_hostname }}_pre_running-config.conf"
pre_running_config_backup_dir_name: 'config_backup'
pre_running_config_backup_dir: '{{ root_dir }}/{{ pre_running_config_backup_dir_name }}'


Requirements are located here: avd-requirements


Project is published under Apache 2.0 License